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225. Is Star Trek really Progressive?

In this episode we introduce Tayler to Star Trek, and have a discussion about if it is actually as progressive as it seems on the outside or is it a benevolent authoritarian society, and does that really matter? Nik went Far From Home and talks about Spider-Man. Was it as good as the first one? Should Kids watch it? Most great Sci-Fi Novels have become movies, but not all great Sci-Fi Movies have been based on a book. Branden plays…

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Better Than The Book

As a nerd how many times have you heard, “It wasn’t as good as the book!” but sometimes the movie is just as good or even better than the book.  Whether its an issue with needing to explain the aesthetics, pacing issues, or even format, sometimes our favorite stories do better in movie form than in printed word. We take a stab at some of the stories that we liked better as a movie, but want to hear your take…

Escape Into Fandom
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Escape Into Fandom – Episode 90

With the Election Cycle in the US and a few bouts with being sick we understand that sometimes living in the real world sucks, but luckily for us we live in an age with unprecedented access to other worlds that we can escape into.  These worlds come in the form of Fandoms and tonight we are going to share with you what we do when we want to numb or block out the outside world.  Is it running away?  Probably,…

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Film Adaptations: Was the Book Really Better?

What makes a good Film Adaptation? Since 1939 when gone with the wind was adapted to a motion picture and set all sorts of history Hollywood has been adapting books into films and most recently with the success of movies like Batman Begins and the Avengers they have been bringing comics to the big screen.  Part of the reason is that the stories are already developed and another is that they bring a devoted audience with them which translates into…

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Top 15 FanX Panels to check out!

With FanX around the corner we share our top picks for panels at the convention. We each pick five and do it draft style so that there are no repeats. We range from big celebrities to small niche subjects with everything in between. Boy Wonder Trivia: Last week what was the date and name of the first Doctor Who Serial to air? Answer: Clay Glad – An Unearthly Child, a four part serial that aired from Nov. 23 to Dec….