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NERD RAGE!!! Over the years Fandom has been through a lot of different stages.  Recently an article online said, “Fandom is Broken.”  This article talked about how because the fans are now petitioning, boycotting and even sending death threats when their stories don’t go their way that fandom is broken. I liked a lot about that article, but I also disagreed with it a lot as well. We are in a transitional state for fandom and right now it is…

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The Mantle of Captain America

This week Marvel announced that Captain America has secretly been a Hydra agent all along and the internet blew up. Because of the travel and some Family time we are not recording a full episode this week but we’re going to reach back into our archives to one of our more popular episodes about Captain America which is not only appropriate for the Memorial Day which is a day to remember those that gave of themselves to protect this country…

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A Geek’s Guide to Christmas – Episode 40

With the Holidays fast approaching we sit down and talk about some of our Favorite holiday media.  Whether it be a traditional story like A Christmas Carol that has been performed by many, or a new classic like Elf with so many quoteable lines, or Children’s favorites like Rudolph, The Miser Brothers, and Frosty the Snowman. If you would like to support us, please follow these links to shop on Amazon. Nik’s Media Picks A Nightmare Before Christmas Elf The…

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Episode 21 – I’m Not a Guy in Hockey Pads

News: Good News Everyone! Salt Lake Comic Con has announced a big guest and we are excited about that, and Nate finds a twitter conversation where a celebrity announces her appearance before Salt Lake Comic Con does. Are you a Horror Fan? Maybe a fan of Reboots? Stephen King’s It gets a new director attached to it and DC really needs to learn from Marvel how to handle a leak. Sponsor: We will be having our Ender’s Game Book club…

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Episode 19 – Why Does DC Hate America?

Happy Fourth of July! Lots of movie news this week, but after that we decide to keep to a patriotic theme, and who could be more Patriotic than Captain America? We talk about some of the different incarnations of Captain America and whether the Mantle is bigger than just one man. We answer the age old question, “Why does DC hate America?” and share our favorite Geeky parts of the 4th. Stay Tuned!

April 29th Comicbooks Review

Silk #3 Silk is throwing down with a dude looking like a dragon.  We find out Silk knows him from before, Pokemon Man.  After he throws a van on her we see a flashback to her being locked up.  Cindy kind of loses it on dragon dude.  He gives up and they have a heart to heart TN about why he is after her.  She helps him out with his situation only to be attacked by the baddy that sent…