The Monster Draft
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The Monster Draft

Episode 138: Happy Halloween!  What do a bunch of scaredy cats do on to celebrate Halloween?  We bring on Tayler Iverson to tell us about all of the scary monsters into our Monster Draft. If you’re worried about getting scared during this episode…. don’t be, after all Nik and Branden are wusses, and Jeff was there too 😉 In the News Han Solo Movie gets an amazing Title (Thanks Clay!) Star Trek Discovery gets season 2 Dark Tower TV…

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Table Top Gaming – Nik’s Fired – Episode 119

In today’s age of Technology with Virtual Reality, Smart Phones, and Video Game Consoles people keep going back to classic tabletop games.  Table top games are much more diverse than most people think.  A Table Top game includes anything that can… well… uh… be played on a table.  That means anything from chess to poker, to Dungeons & Dragons can be a table top game.  We talk about some of our favorites, some of the nostalgia behind them and some…