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Top 15 FanX Panels to check out!

With FanX around the corner we share our top picks for panels at the convention. We each pick five and do it draft style so that there are no repeats. We range from big celebrities to small niche subjects with everything in between. Boy Wonder Trivia: Last week what was the date and name of the first Doctor Who Serial to air? Answer: Clay Glad – An Unearthly Child, a four part serial that aired from Nov. 23 to Dec….

FanX Survival Physical Preparation
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FanX Survival: Physical Preparation

It’s time for another FanX Survival Tip. Have you heard of Pheidippides? He was the first marathon runner in Greece, and oh yeah, he dropped over dead from exhaustion.  Lets try to avoid his fate when it comes to FanX.  At the last convention I walked over ten miles a day and so I got my Marathon in.  Here are some FanX Survival tips on physical ways to prepare yourself. Five FanX Survival Physical Preparation Tips 1. Cut out the…

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Salt Lake Comic Con FanX Survival: Four Cons

Welcome to the Fandom Podcast. This show is about the TV, Movies comics, and books that you love.  Every week we jump into a Fandom and this is a special episode about FanX Survival. I plan on having this as a series of bonus episodes about little tips that will help you on your way through FanX.   Which Ticket should I Buy? If you’re reading this there is a good chance that you have your wristband in your hands…

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Episode 29 – How to Survive SLCC

This episode we talk about how to survive Salt Lake Comic Con, but the principles that we talk about will be able to be applied to pretty much any convention. There are two types of people that listen to this podcast. The kind that is excited about Salt Lake Comic Con, and the kind that aren’t. We have good news for you though whichever kind you are, Salt Lake Comic Con is happening September 24-26 and so its just right…