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Episode 16 – Egg Beaters and Plungers

Well it wouldn’t be a show if Jordan didn’t break the rules at least once, but you’re going to have to listen to find out where… And its a doosey.

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May 27th Comicbooks Review

Black Widow #18 Natasha kills the head of Chaos, quits SHIELD, and lets her “lawyer” go; and that’s only the first half of the issue.  Natasha talks with the Avengers about coming back on the team.  Then she sails off with her cat.  Not alone, but not close to someone.  Cause no one can know her full story.  Just when it looks like the perfect end the last two pages give us another tease.  Overall this series has hit it…

May 20th Comicbooks Review

Convergence: New Teen Titans #2 Cyborg is kidnapped by Doom Patrol in hopes that they can use his power source to travel back to their time.  Starfire blames herself for not killing their leader when she had the chance.  Her and Nightwing argue over why she shouldn’t kill them.  When the team finds Cyborgs location an all out brawl ensues.  Starfire must decide if she is going to listen to instinct, or to Nightwing.  The earthquake that has affected all…

April 29th Comicbooks Review

Silk #3 Silk is throwing down with a dude looking like a dragon.  We find out Silk knows him from before, Pokemon Man.  After he throws a van on her we see a flashback to her being locked up.  Cindy kind of loses it on dragon dude.  He gives up and they have a heart to heart TN about why he is after her.  She helps him out with his situation only to be attacked by the baddy that sent…

April 22nd Comicbooks review

Black Widow #17 Black Widow receives an offer from “Chaos” to join them.  When she refuses they do not take it well.  Will Natasha be found by friends before it is too late?  Overall I truly love this series.  Second only to Rocket Racoon as far as what Marvel has been putting out.