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Charity through Wizarding

This is our Wizarding Dayz Charity episode.  We got a chance to go and have a good time at Wizarding Dayz, but not just have a good time, but support good causes.  We got a chance to talk to the charities involved a little bit about Fandoms and a lot about the good work they are doing.  We talked to Utah Foster Care, Millie’s Princess Foundation, Pack ‘N Pounce and Heroic Inc.    Make sure to read the rest of…

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FanX Survial: Playing and Cosplaying

This is the last episode in the FanX Survival Series, and this week we will be talking about Playing and Cosplaying Tips at FanX. If you want Free Batman Vs. Superman tickets during FanX head over to and pledge to go to your caucus and have your voice heard and you get two free BvS tickets. Here are the Topics that are covered in this episode Play Lines Vendors Panels Meetups Celebrities Don’t Leave on Saturday Cosplay Test Run…

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Top 15 FanX Panels to check out!

With FanX around the corner we share our top picks for panels at the convention. We each pick five and do it draft style so that there are no repeats. We range from big celebrities to small niche subjects with everything in between. Boy Wonder Trivia: Last week what was the date and name of the first Doctor Who Serial to air? Answer: Clay Glad – An Unearthly Child, a four part serial that aired from Nov. 23 to Dec….

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The Timeline of River Song – Episode 44

Hello Sweeties! Christmas Day has come and gone and all good Whovians knows what that means! It’s the Doctor Who Christmas Special. This year that special is named, “The Husbands of River Song” and so you’ve guessed it we are going to talk about the notorious Professor River Song and then after the Spoiler Alert goes off we will be talking about what we thought about this episode. Top News ( Star Wars the Force Awakens makes a billion dollars…

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Ep 31 – Nerd World Problems – SLCC Wrap UP

Salt Lake Comic Con has just wrapped up and Nate and Branden get a chance to go over some highlights and give their overall impression. Logistics with ZipQ, Lines, & RFID Con Man Panel Twisted Toonz / Voice Actors John Barrowman SLCC15 Hashtag Funko Pop Life Tour Cosplay Contest / Cosplay Booths World Record Celebrities on the Convention Floor

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Bonus Episode 1 – Free Comic Book Day 2015

May 2nd was Free Comic Book Day and Comics Plus gave me the opportunity to interview several of their patrons.  Enjoy this short bonus episode and if you are in the St. George, Utah area be sure to check out Comics Plus it is a great shop.

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Episode 9 – Schrodinger’s Catwoman

This week we talk about the Japanese Festival, Conventions, and Comicbook Sales. But don’t forget It’s Mistah J’s 75th birthday and we spend the majority of the episode talking about him. Including our thoughts on Jared Leto. Our favorite incarnation of the Joker. What makes the Joker so popular. If we were in charge of a 3 act Joker film how would it go? Joker Nick Names. For the finale cure the Joker of his insanity, but you have to…

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Episode 6 – Michael Bay Presents …

Salt Lake Comic Con does its first Guest announcements for 2015. Its April Fools day, and we announce the winners of the #FandomCosplayContest. Then we had you tell us who your favorite Star Trek Captain is and debate the best way to do a new TV reboot. We move on to our favorite disfunctional captain, Mal Reynolds. How would you bring Firefly back? Would it be to the big screen? Would it be a new show? Would we bring Serenity…

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Episode 3 – I Can Dunk at 8 Feet!

This week we talk about ConMan, Salt Lake Comic Con Tickets, and Booth Babes. Then we put Han Solo on Trial for the Murder of Greedo, and we want you to be the Court of appeals. We also talk about SciFi inspired Technology, what we want to see next and we extend our cosplay contest! All this and more on this week’s Fandom Podcast!