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It’s Still Feige

E3 brought a ton of game announcements (Including BattleToads,) The DCEU has figured out a solution to Super HERO fatigue, There are some new movie trailers, and Jeph Loeb opens up about Iron Fist.  We have a Sexy Ian Malcolm funko pop to give away, and we ask for your input on the Fandom Podcast Musical episode! Get ready because here’s a new episode of The Fandom Podcast! News Sponsored by Wendy: We Acknowledge the fact that no one hates…

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What Is Fandom? Episode 38

Fandom is a word that is used by many in many situations, but what exactly is it? How has it helped your life and how can it bring joy into so many people’s lives? This week we jump into the subject of fandom and talk about some real life super heroes and heroic acts that people have been able to perform. Sponsor: Links Galore!

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Episode 17 – Father of the Fandom Award

Happy Father’s Day! We all know that it is impossible to pick your favorite child, but what about your favorite Father? After covering E3 news, App Store dethroning of the King, Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, and announce our Movie Time $25 Fandango gift card contest winner we make our arguments for our choices for the Father of the Fandom award. We were able to get an impartial guest judge Josh Chatterton to keep us in order and he deserve…

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Episode 15 – Fan Theories and Frozen Lasagna

This week we cover the news about Doctor Who, Fear The Walking Dead, and Fallout. We then let you know about our $25 gift card giveaway. Then we move on to Fan Theories that were so good they became cannon, theories that we would love to see as cannon and then we spin out our own theories from our Fandoms. Sponsor Links Doctor Who Fear the Walking Dead Table Tennis Video Pong Kombat Pixar Theory…