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Episode 58 – The Force Re-Awakens

To Celebrate the fact that Star Wars Episode 7 is now available on Bluray and Digital Copy (Which I think is a terrible name because the files on the Bluray are digital too) I’ve gone back into the archive from about 20 episodes ago and grabbed the discussion that Nik and I had about Episode 7. This is one of our most downloaded episodes and in it we talk about our initial reactions to the movie.  We talk about the reactions…

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Bonus Fan Theories

The hardest part of this last week’s episode for me was limiting myself to one fan theory.  I ended up choosing a more jovial theory revolving around Pinky and The Brain, but I had so many on tap.  After listening to the episode I wanted to share some of the other theories that were floating around in my head. Its not quite 12,000 words but it makes you think.

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Episode 15 – Fan Theories and Frozen Lasagna

This week we cover the news about Doctor Who, Fear The Walking Dead, and Fallout. We then let you know about our $25 gift card giveaway. Then we move on to Fan Theories that were so good they became cannon, theories that we would love to see as cannon and then we spin out our own theories from our Fandoms. Sponsor Links Doctor Who Fear the Walking Dead Table Tennis Video Pong Kombat Pixar Theory…