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215. What’s Your Fandom? An Interview with Dante Basco

For the past three weekends we have been a different Fan Conventions and we capped off our whirlwind tour at the Paradigm High Fandom Expo. It was a great show that had a lot of passion for fandom. We got to talk to Dante Basco about his favorite fandoms and his role in fandom and then we talked to several of the students at Paradigm about what their favorite fandom is. This was really a fun event and they plan…

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This is FANDOM!

Episode 201: This year has brought some changes on the Fandom Podcast including a new co-host. Nik and Branden get nostalgic talking about our favorite Jeff memories and then go on to talk to new host Tayler Iversen about what Fandom is. If you would like to support the show you can become a Patron by going to Patrons also get access to download each of the musical numbers from Episode 200 and Art by Nik. You can also…

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Grandma the Geek

Hey guys short episode this week, but I get a chance to talk about one of the unexpected places that I learned to be a geek, my Grandma. Although Grandma gravitated more towards literature, beanie babies and Genealogy she taught me to be passionate about what you love. ┬áThank you for letting me share the stories with you, it has been an emotional weekend and it really helps to know that there are people out there who take some time…

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What Is Fandom? Episode 38

Fandom is a word that is used by many in many situations, but what exactly is it? How has it helped your life and how can it bring joy into so many people’s lives? This week we jump into the subject of fandom and talk about some real life super heroes and heroic acts that people have been able to perform. Sponsor: Links Galore!