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News Roundup February 2019

This is the News Roundup for February 2018.  Three fandom news stories and a contest.  Do you want to win the contest?  Well listen to the rules at the end.   Rotten Tomatoes has changed its Ranking system Stranger things D&D Campaign Aquaman 2 release date Contest Fandom GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Every Day there will be a poll in the Facebook group ( You submit your winner and everyone who is correct will get a chance…

Escape Into Fandom
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Escape Into Fandom – Episode 90

With the Election Cycle in the US and a few bouts with being sick we understand that sometimes living in the real world sucks, but luckily for us we live in an age with unprecedented access to other worlds that we can escape into.  These worlds come in the form of Fandoms and tonight we are going to share with you what we do when we want to numb or block out the outside world.  Is it running away?  Probably,…