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219. The Game of Pokedashian

The game we’re playing this week is a trivia game where we ask each other about the other’s favorite fandom.  Nik is guessing all of the Kardashian Trivia, Tayler has to figure out the Pokemon stuff and Branden will be showing off his skills of knowing about Game of Thrones without ever having seen an episode. If you head over to Patreon we have a new exclusive talking about all of the things that we’ve been watching.  For as little…

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All Signs Point to the Robot Uprising

Artificial Intelligence or Robot Uprising? This week we have had a lot of news come out of the European Union but don’t worry we’re not going to talk about the Brexit today, our news story is about how in the EU they are discussing passing regulations that give Robots and AI’s people like rights, and while right now that seems a little ridiculous but considering how quickly things have progressed it may not be as ridiculous as it seems at first look….

Mothers in Fandom Draft Board

I am sorry I missed this episode.  But not wanting to leave you without my thoughts, here is my “draft board” for the mothers in fandom.  I am interested to find out who I got, and the others took.  Happy mothers day to all the moms out there, and espicially to my mom and my sister, love ya.  

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Episode 11 – Mother’s Day Draft

Happy Mother’s Day! This episode is dedicated entirely to the Mothers in our lives, and we even get one of them to make an appearance! We cover really quickly some news from this week and then jump right into our Mother’s Day Draft. We each draft three of our favorite Mothers from across the Fandomverse onto our team and only you can decide who will win.