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2017 Fandom Predictions – Ep 97

The Best is Yet To Come! Welcome to the Future! The year is 2017 and we still are filled with optimism.  Get ready for our hopeful predictions for 2017, so far this year hasn’t disappointed us (we’re looking at you 2016.) Jeff and Branden talk about Marvel Movies, DC Movies, The DCW-Verse, Comics, Doctor Who, and our favorite books.  Strap in while we gaze into our crystal ball to make some pretty optimistic predictions. Random Fandom: Peter Cushing In the…

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Breaking Down SDCC 16

SDCC Breakdown The gang is back together to talk about the news from SDCC that we found interesting from Star Trek to Voltron, and a few tidbits from Marvel and DC.  Guess what though… Nik and  Jeff watched trailers while Branden advocated not watching trailers, welcome to the twilight zone. Star Trek Discovery – Justice League Trailer Will Aquaman be another Horror film from James Wan? Wonder Woman Captain Marvel Brie Larsen – Ghost Rider Hulk Gladiator Armor or is…

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All Signs Point to the Robot Uprising

Artificial Intelligence or Robot Uprising? This week we have had a lot of news come out of the European Union but don’t worry we’re not going to talk about the Brexit today, our news story is about how in the EU they are discussing passing regulations that give Robots and AI’s people like rights, and while right now that seems a little ridiculous but considering how quickly things have progressed it may not be as ridiculous as it seems at first look….

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Hoaxes, Satire, Fake News and How to Spot It

We’ve all done it, we’ve all clicked on a link that we thought was an actual story on Social media only to realize that it is Fake News, Satire, or a Hoax, and even though we’ve all done it we’re not immune.  Last week we reported to you that Theo James had been cast as the new James Bond and it turns out that it just isn’t true.  One fake news site posted it and several other blogs rewrote the…

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Binge-Watch: How Netflix is like your Mother

For a long time we have had the ability to binge-watch TV shows, but really it has only been the past few years with the improvements to streaming services where society has made binge watching shows a social norm.  We go a little old school and talk about some of our first experiencing binge watching shows and then move on to more modern day experiences.  We talk about how the culture of binge watching has changed TV production, from Netflix…

March 25th 2015 comicbook review

Nightcrawler #12 Nightcrawler squares off against the warwolves while rescuing the kids.  The kids go on a mission to capture the boss who has been slave trading in kids.  They show that they know what it means to be an X-man.  With the warwolves defeated and the bad guys captured everyone returns home, putting a cap to the series that was announced last week it is 1 of the 33 being cancelled.  Overall I loved this issue because Claremont threw…