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Hot or Not – Ep 189

News Sponsored by Patron Ryan Big News Netflix canceles Iron Fist Under the Radar Director returning for Black Panther 2 (no duuuu) Kraven the hunter movie is a thing aparently WildCard  James Gunn writing Suicide Squad 2 Fuzzy Puppy First look at Batwoman   Feedback William: The effects were meh. Overall there was nothing that really stood out as whoa or cool. Even the Predator cloaking technology had somehow gotten worse in the 30 years between Arnold’s and this guy….

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It’s Still Feige

E3 brought a ton of game announcements (Including BattleToads,) The DCEU has figured out a solution to Super HERO fatigue, There are some new movie trailers, and Jeph Loeb opens up about Iron Fist.  We have a Sexy Ian Malcolm funko pop to give away, and we ask for your input on the Fandom Podcast Musical episode! Get ready because here’s a new episode of The Fandom Podcast! News Sponsored by Wendy: We Acknowledge the fact that no one hates…

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Star Trek Shaped Hole in my Heart

Episode 136: Within weeks of each other Star Trek Discovery and The Orville premiered to audiences prompting the inevitable question, “Which one is the spiritual successor to Star Trek?” Join Nik, Branden, Jeff and the Uncanny Ryab (From the Nerd Dome Podcast) as we talk about the things that we like about each show, some of the things that we dislike and where we see these shows heading in the future.  Some of the topics include Fan Service, Point of View, Consequences…

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Who Defends the Defenders?

Episode 129 – The Defenders wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t that bad either.  In Marvel’s latest Netflix Property a team of rag tag (don’t call me) Heroes join forces to defeat an enemy bigger than themselves, and in this episode of the Fandom Podcast a team of rag tag Podcasters join forces to discuss the series?  Coincidence?  Absolutely not, we’ve talked about all the rest of them why would we stop now?  Our opinions are mixed and one of us is…

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The Unimpressive Iron Fist – Episode 112

Danny Rand is your stereotypical orphaned billionaire that gains super ninja powers and it doesn’t get much better from there.  What should have been an awesome Kung Fu homage was turned into a meandering attempt at a corporate thriller.  There was just enough martial arts to keep us watching but just barely.  Listen to an Asian American, a Martial Artist, and an Angry Nerd give their takes on Netflix’s latest Marvel collaboration. In the News Whovians and Potterheads can rejoice!…

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FanX 2017 Celebrity Interactions

Welcome to the Fandom Podcast Episode 108 This is the show that brings together geeks and nerds from across the Fandomverse to analyze the news and discuss your favorite TV, Movies, Comics and books. We just got back from FanX Nerd Flu infected – Nik English Recovering from heat stroke – Jeff Dumas Con Crud Free – I am Branden Ushio News (00:03:10) Bernie Wrightson Pases Away – Chuck Berrie – Passes Away Iron Fist has come out FanX…

DCW Returns
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The Return of the DCW – Episode 85

This week we are going to talk about the return of the DCW and what Flashpoint and the multiverse may mean for the shows. Random Fandom – Mike Bennett contacted me after our episode about remakes to talk about the 1984 SciFi Classic the Last Starfighter. Just in case you haven’t seen this movie it is about a kid that is recruited to be a star fighter pilot based off of some sweet video game skills and could be improved by updating…

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May 27th Comicbooks Review

Black Widow #18 Natasha kills the head of Chaos, quits SHIELD, and lets her “lawyer” go; and that’s only the first half of the issue.  Natasha talks with the Avengers about coming back on the team.  Then she sails off with her cat.  Not alone, but not close to someone.  Cause no one can know her full story.  Just when it looks like the perfect end the last two pages give us another tease.  Overall this series has hit it…

April 1st 2015 comicbook review

Rocket Raccoon #10 Rocket and Groot have to pay up on debts or face being reported to the authorities.  Fortunately they have the credits.  Unfortunately Rocket gets a call about a possible tip on an item he has been looking for.  The wise thing to do would be to pay his debt, so of course he chooses to purchase the information on the item instead.  Now all he has to do is get out of Knowhere without being arrested.  Rocket’s old “pal”…