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They don’t know what they doin’ – Ep 186

  Welcome to the Fandom Podcast Episode 186 This is the show that brings together geeks nerds from across the Fandomverse to analyze the news and discuss your favorite TV, Movies, Comics and books. This is the News roundup for the Third week of September 2018, but first joining me is News Sponsored by Colton   Big News   Show Announcement! Loki and Scarlet Witch shows OR Live action Avatar       Under the Radar   Movies…

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Any Reasonable Offer Considered

So this week Nik is gone, and so of course we talk about some of his favorite fandoms.  We talk about the new Bond movie, how Sherlock Fans are the worst, the fact that we’re finally getting a Nicholas Cage Superman movie, and how Disney is picking its next CEO from a real life Hunger games and what that means for the near monopolistic power that they wield (Who needs the Infinity Stones) Feedback Dommer vs Fandomite, vs Fandomaniacs… We…

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Sigh’s and Sai’s

Episode 155: What in the world are they doing to the Ninja Turtles!?!?  In the matter of minutes Nik and Jeff convince Branden to abandon his wait to hate mentality towards new things and be very concerned.  The weapons on every single Ninja Turtle have been changed, and Leo is no longer the leader… Do they even know who the Ninja Turtles are? Really we talk about that so that we don’t have to talk about Jeff dominating the FML…

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Release the Fanboys!

Episode 149: This is the news update for the Second Week of January 2018.  This week we’re getting a Comic Book Movie where the titular character has no lines, CBS All Access is coming to Amazon Prime… Kinda… The Fanboys are released, and make sure to listen to the end for the Fandom Movie League update. Feedback William on Twitter (@Fandomcast): Fandom movie League was a GREAT idea! I really hope you continue this idea next year. I didn’t think…

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The Little Mermaid Dream Cast w/ Kestra Darowski – Episode 118

This week on The Fandom Podcast we take the 1989 classic “The Little Mermaid” come up with some dream castings.  We bring on Kestra Darowski from the Disney Animated Minute Essential Podcast to judge us and you won’t believe who Groucho Marx is cast as! To jump right into Little Mermaid it starts at 42:32 In the News Doctor Who changed it’s episode after Manchester Terror Attack to be sensitive to those affected. (00:03:07) Wonder Woman women only screening… Men…

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FanX 2017 Preparation – Episode 107

Coming up on March 17-18, 2017 you will find the three of us roaming the halls of the Salt Palace at Salt Lake Comic Con.  After the news we talk about some generic convention tips and also some pro tips for FanX 2017.  If you’ve never been to FanX before be sure to check out the survival guides that we put together for the last FanX. News Spectre Writers but not sure about Daniel Craig Domino Cast for Deadpool 2 Star…

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NERD RAGE!!! Over the years Fandom has been through a lot of different stages.  Recently an article online said, “Fandom is Broken.”  This article talked about how because the fans are now petitioning, boycotting and even sending death threats when their stories don’t go their way that fandom is broken. I liked a lot about that article, but I also disagreed with it a lot as well. We are in a transitional state for fandom and right now it is…

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Episode 16 – Egg Beaters and Plungers

Well it wouldn’t be a show if Jordan didn’t break the rules at least once, but you’re going to have to listen to find out where… And its a doosey.