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211. Fandom News Roundup – March 2019

News Sponsored by  Joseph from the Protagonist Podcast, Head over to to get your name in lights Idris Elba is the new Deadshot in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad! James Gunn is Back in Guardians of the Galaxy – Chucky by Mark Hamil announced @ wondercon with a video – Disney News Disney Plus – Aladdin Fox Merger – Contest Fandom GOAT We want to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram @TheFandomPodcast Become…

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Hot or Not – Ep 189

News Sponsored by Patron Ryan Big News Netflix canceles Iron Fist Under the Radar Director returning for Black Panther 2 (no duuuu) Kraven the hunter movie is a thing aparently WildCard  James Gunn writing Suicide Squad 2 Fuzzy Puppy First look at Batwoman   Feedback William: The effects were meh. Overall there was nothing that really stood out as whoa or cool. Even the Predator cloaking technology had somehow gotten worse in the 30 years between Arnold’s and this guy….

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Star Trek Shaped Hole in my Heart

Episode 136: Within weeks of each other Star Trek Discovery and The Orville premiered to audiences prompting the inevitable question, “Which one is the spiritual successor to Star Trek?” Join Nik, Branden, Jeff and the Uncanny Ryab (From the Nerd Dome Podcast) as we talk about the things that we like about each show, some of the things that we dislike and where we see these shows heading in the future.  Some of the topics include Fan Service, Point of View, Consequences…