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The Snappening Broke the Internet – Ep 190

Are you a time traveler?  If you answered no then we have a surprise for you!  We need you to write us a Review of Next Week’s episode… today! You can comment on this post, send us a message, an email, or leave a REAL Facebook / Apple Podcasts review and we will read them and try to incorporate as much as possible into next week’s episode.  With that out of the way, Here is This weeks episode! News Sponsored…

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Better Than The Book

As a nerd how many times have you heard, “It wasn’t as good as the book!” but sometimes the movie is just as good or even better than the book.  Whether its an issue with needing to explain the aesthetics, pacing issues, or even format, sometimes our favorite stories do better in movie form than in printed word. We take a stab at some of the stories that we liked better as a movie, but want to hear your take…

6/15 Show Thoughts-Confession

Hello again! We had a fun episode this week diving into my favorite fandom-Doctor Who. There are so many different topics to be discussed when diving into Doctor Who, and I think that this was a nice little over view just to wet the pallet. I think we covered the topics we chose pretty well, but we will be doing more in depth episodes for Doctor Who and other fandoms in the future. So with that said I’ll keep this…

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Bonus Episode 2 – Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal

Kortland and Branden got a chance to screen Jurassic World and we have your spoiler free review right here.  A special thanks goes out to the Nerd Store for getting us our screening tickets, be sure to visit them