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Christmas Special!

This episode we talk about some of our favorite Christmas TV Episodes and why we like them (or dislike them) so much.  We get into a discussion about the difference between Christmas Episodes and Christmas Specials, how Binge Watching is affecting how we watch these Holiday episodes, and of course, we make a list. Nik’s List Community – Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas Miranda – Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol The Wonder Years – Branden’s List Justice League – Comfort and Joy Doctor…

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Justice League Edition

Meanwhile in the Halls of Justice… Justice League came out to mixed reviews this week, fittingly on the anniversary of the release of the Death of Superman comic.  We talk about what the mixed reviews and box office results mean for the future of the DCEU, some of our favorite character moments, and the apparent difference between men and women while directing Wonder Woman. Question of the Week Our question for you this week is what do you want for…

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Holy Two Part Episode Batman – Episode 120

This Episode ended up being our longest recording ever and so I’ve split it into two parts, the News and then the Wonder Woman discussion. I’m still working on some parts of the Wonder Woman discussion and so until I can get that published here is the news. Feedback Oops! I didn’t realize I didn’t finish my Little Mermaid cast! I couldn’t think of any young male actors (beyond Tom Holland) who could play Eric and hit send before finishing….

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Grandma’s Disneyfied Fairy Tales – Episode 109

With all of the live action retelling of classic Disney Fairy Tales on their way we take a minute to talk about fairy tales from our childhood that would make good movies.  We discuss what the “Original” version of a fairy tale is and whether our caregivers “Disneyfied” the stories that we grew up with.  The Fairy Tales that we talk about are The Boy and the North Wind (51:56) – The Twelve Dancing Princesses (56:28) – Momotaro (1:00:45) –…

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Breaking Down SDCC 16

SDCC Breakdown The gang is back together to talk about the news from SDCC that we found interesting from Star Trek to Voltron, and a few tidbits from Marvel and DC.  Guess what though… Nik and  Jeff watched trailers while Branden advocated not watching trailers, welcome to the twilight zone. Star Trek Discovery – Justice League Trailer Will Aquaman be another Horror film from James Wan? Wonder Woman Captain Marvel Brie Larsen – Ghost Rider Hulk Gladiator Armor or is…

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Fantasy Fandom – Every Team Needs A Batman

Our Main Discussion You’ve probably heard of Fantasy Football, but have you ever heard of Fantasy Fandom? This week we pick our favorite characters from across the Fandomverse to put together on a team that could rival both the Justice League and the Avengers, and then ask who would be the villain and how cohesive would the teams really be? We both built two teams, but we really want to know who you would put on YOUR team. Remember, no…