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NewsFlash: Disney Alters the Deal

Episode 140: Extra, Extra, Read (Or Listen) all about it! We have decided to change our format. We’ve found that our first 140 episodes were a bit meandering in length and discussion and so in order to mix things up a bit and based off of some listener feedback we are changing the format of our podcast to two episodes per week.  The first episode will be the news and the second will be the discussion. Let us know what you…

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All Spider-Men Look Alike

Episode 123 Spider-Man Homecoming came out and we enjoyed it but that doesn’t keep us from finding some things to talk about.  Including Easter Eggs, MJ is not THAT MJ, Diversity in Comics, Marvel’s goodwill from fans and apparently, Nik can’t tell the difference between Asians or Spider-Men. News – Sponsored by YOU! Visit to learn more. Joan Lee, wife of Stan Lee passed away at 95 years old. New Warriors Cast Lucy Liu Directing Luke Cage season 2…

Fan Fic Death Match
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Fanfic Death Match – Episode 94

Fan Fic Elevator Pitches In this episode we totally rip off the Protagonist Podcast and do an Elevator Pitch episode, but we’ve justified it away by inviting Todd Mack one of their hosts on to the episode.  The premise for this competition is that we have have picked three common Fanfic tropes that we need to build an elevator pitch for a story from a fandom.  The tropes are Age Shifting Alternate Universe (AU) where the characters are made either…