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216. Ma’ is a Real Bad A**

We have some pretty cool moms (Thank’s Mom!) and because we know what a cool mom looks like we’re going to pick the coolest mom’s from across the Fandomverse and tell you why they are so good.  Let us know what mom’s we missed in the comments! It’s the Mothers’ Day Draft! Molly Weasley – Harry Potter Joyce Byers – Stranger Things Muneeba Khan – Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel Elastigirl – Incredibles Caroline Ingalls – Little House on the Prairie…

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A Look Back on 2015

Top news Star Wars News – George Lucas White Slaver Comment   Star Trek Axanar getting sued   Black Panther will be geo political   Support us / Value for Value (Not All support is monetary)   Changes / Feedback   2015 A Look Back Memorial – Leonard Nimoy, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Yvonne Craig & Wes Craven, Sir Christopher Lee Best Movies – The Martian, Inside Out, Star Wars, Ant Man Best Video Game –…

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Kid Friendly ComicBook art

  For anyone who has listened to the Fandom Podcast for a while you know that I am all about my kids.  Everything that I do is ultimately centered around my family, and so when the first Salt Lake Comic Con came along I was really excited to share my fandoms with my children who were at the time four and two years old.  I very quickly realized that there was a lot of great stuff in Artist Alley, but…

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Episode 5 – TMNT – Nostalgia does funny things to your brain

What time is it? Turtle Time! One week left to submit photos to our Online Cosplay Contest. Ready Player One gets a big name to direct, Marvel reveals its All New, All Different Avengers (Try Saying that 3x fast) and a Utah legend passes away. We all pick our favorite Ninja Turtle, TMNT video game, and incarnation of the characters, and then we take turns blasting our least favorite turtles, but its okay it looks like they are bullet proof….