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September 9th Comicbook Review

I am so stoked going into this week, but a little sad.  And it all stems from 1 issue.  This will be the last issue of Rebels which has been one of the best titles I have ever read.  I hope it lives up to all of the hype I just gave it.  I also get some of my current favorite titles this week; Outcast, Giant Size Little Marvel AvX, and Ninjak.  There were quite a few #1s this week,…

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August 12th Comicbook Review

Rebels #5 We join our hero, Mr Abbott, on the “Noble Train of Artillery” trail.  It is rough travels in the winter snows, and they are behind schedule.  Major General Henry Knox has a chat with Mr Abbott that results in Abbott telling him to stay out of the way, and his men will get the cannons to Boston.  When they arrive in Roxbury Massachusetts on January 25th they are relieved of the cannons.  Mr Abbott is asked to sign…

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July 8th Comicbook review

Descender #5 The scrappers take Tim and the others to Gnish.  Driller, the bot dog, and the soldier are sent to the pits to fight for their lives.  Tim, the captain, and the Doctor Quon are taken to be tortured for information.  They want to know the secrets of the Tim-bots and the Harvesters.  But can Dr Quon tell them what they want before they torture him to much?  Overall this world keeps growing into something more and more interesting….

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June 10th Comicbook Review

Spider-Gwen #5 Felicia Hardy books Gwen’s band to open for her, which they begrudgingly accept.  We learn a lot about this Black Cat and her hatred for Murdock.  During the concert she pulls a stunt that enrages Murdock and ninjas attack.  Spider-Gwen steps in and we learn why her dad has been targeted.  The story ends with Castle’s partner talking to Stacey letting him know she knows he is a good cop.  Overall it was a fun issue.  Good character…