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New Who – New Star Wars – New Hollywood

Episode 141: Live from the Fandomverse, we’re tackling the news.  This week we have gotten new Doctor Who News, new Star Wars news and it even looks like we might be getting a new Hollywood, or at least people and behavior in Hollywood.  That being said we do talk for a few minutes about the negative behavior of a few of the men in Hollywood that are connected to the Fandomverse.  If you listen with little ones this might be…

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After-Con Report: Light Saber Talk and More!

Episode 134 Part 2: There was so much that happened at Salt Lake Comic Con that we can’t contain it into one episode.  This is Part 2 of our Salt Lake Comic Con coverage.  If you’re looking for the Zachary Levi audio go back to Part one, but if you want to hear us talk about Light Sabers, Twisted Toons, and so much more this is the right place.  Every year SLCC finds ways to get great guests and this…

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Neganing and Convention Tips

Episode 133 We’re headed to Salt Lake Comic Con, and we have a whole bag full of tricks that we’re going to share with you, and another bag of tricks that we have shared on other episodes.  Come learn the best ways to enjoy your Convention Experiences.  The Episode is broken up into Pre-Con Preparation, Con Experiences, and Post-Con cool down. FanX Survival Guides Jeff’s Super Awesome Battery Charging Case News Hellboy first look – David Bradley doing more 1st…

FanX Survival Physical Preparation
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FanX Survival: Physical Preparation

It’s time for another FanX Survival Tip. Have you heard of Pheidippides? He was the first marathon runner in Greece, and oh yeah, he dropped over dead from exhaustion.  Lets try to avoid his fate when it comes to FanX.  At the last convention I walked over ten miles a day and so I got my Marathon in.  Here are some FanX Survival tips on physical ways to prepare yourself. Five FanX Survival Physical Preparation Tips 1. Cut out the…

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Salt Lake Comic Con FanX Survival: Four Cons

Welcome to the Fandom Podcast. This show is about the TV, Movies comics, and books that you love.  Every week we jump into a Fandom and this is a special episode about FanX Survival. I plan on having this as a series of bonus episodes about little tips that will help you on your way through FanX.   Which Ticket should I Buy? If you’re reading this there is a good chance that you have your wristband in your hands…

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The Timeline of River Song – Episode 44

Hello Sweeties! Christmas Day has come and gone and all good Whovians knows what that means! It’s the Doctor Who Christmas Special. This year that special is named, “The Husbands of River Song” and so you’ve guessed it we are going to talk about the notorious Professor River Song and then after the Spoiler Alert goes off we will be talking about what we thought about this episode. Top News ( Star Wars the Force Awakens makes a billion dollars…

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Ep30 – 12 Panels not to miss at SLCC 15

Branden keeps talking about how Salt Lake Comic Con is three conventions in one and so in this episode we talk about one of those conventions, the Panels. We go through the panel and each pick four panels that we are excited for. We tell you what Salt Lake Comic Con says they are, what we think they will be, and why we are looking forward to them. Then we answer a quick question from a friend about what kind…

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Episode 29 – How to Survive SLCC

This episode we talk about how to survive Salt Lake Comic Con, but the principles that we talk about will be able to be applied to pretty much any convention. There are two types of people that listen to this podcast. The kind that is excited about Salt Lake Comic Con, and the kind that aren’t. We have good news for you though whichever kind you are, Salt Lake Comic Con is happening September 24-26 and so its just right…

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Episode 25 – How to Rebuild Civilization in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Holy cow it has been a crazy week. If you are a trekkie now is a good time to get your Salt Lake Comic Con Tickets!  Star Trek Continues will be having its world premiere at Salt Lake City Comic Con on Friday night and we are very excited about it, and for the Star Wars fan Disney didn’t disappoint, Star Wars Lands in Disney Land and World, Rogue One explained, and a whole ton of movies announced. Sponsor:

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Episode 23 – How to Win War and Influence People

What happens when you take a bunch of prepubescent boys into outer space and train them in military tactics and Zero Gravity fighting? You get Ender’s Game. This week’s episode we talk about various aspects of this book such as how does the character’s age effect the book and is Peter really that bad? The unthinkable happens and Branden actually makes a Sports reference. In the News we talk about how the Salt Lake Comic Con keeps announcing big things…