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June 10th Comicbook Review

Spider-Gwen #5 Felicia Hardy books Gwen’s band to open for her, which they begrudgingly accept.  We learn a lot about this Black Cat and her hatred for Murdock.  During the concert she pulls a stunt that enrages Murdock and ninjas attack.  Spider-Gwen steps in and we learn why her dad has been targeted.  The story ends with Castle’s partner talking to Stacey letting him know she knows he is a good cop.  Overall it was a fun issue.  Good character…

April 1st 2015 comicbook review

Rocket Raccoon #10 Rocket and Groot have to pay up on debts or face being reported to the authorities.  Fortunately they have the credits.  Unfortunately Rocket gets a call about a possible tip on an item he has been looking for.  The wise thing to do would be to pay his debt, so of course he chooses to purchase the information on the item instead.  Now all he has to do is get out of Knowhere without being arrested.  Rocket’s old “pal”…

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Episode 5 – TMNT – Nostalgia does funny things to your brain

What time is it? Turtle Time! One week left to submit photos to our Online Cosplay Contest. Ready Player One gets a big name to direct, Marvel reveals its All New, All Different Avengers (Try Saying that 3x fast) and a Utah legend passes away. We all pick our favorite Ninja Turtle, TMNT video game, and incarnation of the characters, and then we take turns blasting our least favorite turtles, but its okay it looks like they are bullet proof….

March 11th, 2015 comics review

Thor #6 – This issue is more about The Odinson and how he is coping with no longer being Thor.  We see more of his list of possible “suspects”.  There is a very touching moment with Odinson and Jane Foster; after which he crosses her off the list.  Concerning Thor there are some small moments with Maliketh and Roxxon that pushes that arc of the series along.  It is important in the overall context of the series, but minor as…