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Marvel’s Inhu-Mehs

Episode 135: Marvel’s Inhumans first trailer came out to lackluster reviews and we were told that we just needed to be patient in order to let them fully finish things, and then a group of critics were allowed to see the pilot and again gave it lackluster reviews, and we were told that it wasn’t completely finished work again, and then it premiered in Imax in early September again to lackluster reviews, and I’m sorry, but three times makes a…

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FanX 2017 Preparation – Episode 107

Coming up on March 17-18, 2017 you will find the three of us roaming the halls of the Salt Palace at Salt Lake Comic Con.  After the news we talk about some generic convention tips and also some pro tips for FanX 2017.  If you’ve never been to FanX before be sure to check out the survival guides that we put together for the last FanX. News Spectre Writers but not sure about Daniel Craig Domino Cast for Deadpool 2 Star…

Time Travel in Fandom
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Time Travel in Fandom – Episode 88

Time Travel in Fandom We’ve reached episode 88 this week and to pay tribute to Back to the Future we talk about different fandoms that utilize time travel, and the unique ways that they all explain or use Paradoxes. After our discussion about some ways that time travel is used in Fandom we talk about why time travel is used so often in pop culture. Random Fandom – Super Powereds Since we haven’t heard from you in a while about the…