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225. Is Star Trek really Progressive?

In this episode we introduce Tayler to Star Trek, and have a discussion about if it is actually as progressive as it seems on the outside or is it a benevolent authoritarian society, and does that really matter? Nik went Far From Home and talks about Spider-Man. Was it as good as the first one? Should Kids watch it? Most great Sci-Fi Novels have become movies, but not all great Sci-Fi Movies have been based on a book. Branden plays…

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214. Living the Con Lifestyle

Its been a crazy couple of weeks! We’ve been at FanX, Wasatch Comic Con, and this week we will be at the Paradigm Fandom Expo (at the time of release you can still get tickets). In this episode we talk about our experiences at FanX, Play a bit of our live show from Wasatch Con, and share an interview that we had with Garret Wang (Harry Kim from Star Trek Voyager.) Until next time: May the Fandom be with you!

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This is FANDOM!

Episode 201: This year has brought some changes on the Fandom Podcast including a new co-host. Nik and Branden get nostalgic talking about our favorite Jeff memories and then go on to talk to new host Tayler Iversen about what Fandom is. If you would like to support the show you can become a Patron by going to Patrons also get access to download each of the musical numbers from Episode 200 and Art by Nik. You can also…

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Disney is Being Non-Commital – Episode 182

Disney is not willing to dive deep into their vault.  Danny Boyle doesn’t want to kill Bond. Branden has questionable taste in music. We all like to cheat at video games, and we announce a new contest for a Funko Giveaway. The discussions from this week’s episode really shouldn’t be missed! News Sponsored by Jared Big News Disney Names it’s Direct to Consumer Streaming Service. Under the Radar Danny Boyle Leaving James Bond – Wild Card William…

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Swipe Left for Picard – Episode 179

Patrick Stewart is returning to Star Trek as everyone’s favorite Frenchman with an English Accent, Jean-Luc Picard. We don’t know what his show will be about for sure, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating! In a shoe is on the other foot kind of story Disney is unable to get the rights to stream some Star Wars movies on their streaming service. Alex Trebek is possibly retiring in 2020 and we talk about how to choose a succesor. And…

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Spider-Man: HomeWrecker

You don’t want to miss this episode. Not only do we give away the Sexy Jeff Goldblum Funko Pop, Nik is in rare form. First he calls Star Wars a pair of socks, then he calls Spider-Man a Homewrecker, and then he makes fun of a long time Star Trek producer.  Okay, maybe we all made fun of a long time Star Trek producer. News Sponsored by Joseph Big Star wars stories put on hold Under the Radar…

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That’s Fake News… isn’t it?

Episode 145: This week there is lots of news, but most of it kept us wondering, “Wait… that’s real?” From Detective Pikachu to Quentin Tarantino directing the next Star Trek movie and Patrick Stewart saying that he’d come back for that we feel like we may have jumped into a mirror universe. From the Feedback Jared Elder Pic From William You guys asked for some nonwhite male characters to add to your list. I’m very disappointed you guys didn’t think…

The Monster Draft
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The Monster Draft

Episode 138: Happy Halloween!  What do a bunch of scaredy cats do on to celebrate Halloween?  We bring on Tayler Iverson to tell us about all of the scary monsters into our Monster Draft. If you’re worried about getting scared during this episode…. don’t be, after all Nik and Branden are wusses, and Jeff was there too 😉 In the News Han Solo Movie gets an amazing Title (Thanks Clay!) Star Trek Discovery gets season 2 Dark Tower TV…

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Star Trek Shaped Hole in my Heart

Episode 136: Within weeks of each other Star Trek Discovery and The Orville premiered to audiences prompting the inevitable question, “Which one is the spiritual successor to Star Trek?” Join Nik, Branden, Jeff and the Uncanny Ryab (From the Nerd Dome Podcast) as we talk about the things that we like about each show, some of the things that we dislike and where we see these shows heading in the future.  Some of the topics include Fan Service, Point of View, Consequences…

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Asians Aren’t Blue and Other Abbreviated News

Welcome to the Fandom Podcast Episode 131 This is the show that brings together geeks nerds from across the Fandomverse to analyze the news and discuss your favorite TV, Movies, Comics, and books. As we’re recording this it’s Labor Day in the United States and so this will be an abbreviated News episode Joining me is The Two time Podcast Champion – Jeff Dumas and without a clever intro, I am Branden Ushio. Nik is Missing! News Klingon First Look:…