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232. The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Talk

Fandomaniac Colton Cutshaw Joins us as we talk about Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker Ticket Sale News, Discuss the Final trailer, and come up with some crazy predictions that would be fun if they came true.  Don’t forget… this is a JJ Abrams trailer… Anything is possible (except for the things you actually see) “When spaghetti sticks to a wall it’s done, when a person sticks to the floor they’re dead” – Sophia Petrillo – The Golden Girls

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227. D23 & Me!

Disney’s BiAnnual Fan Club Expo has wrapped up and taken place and there is so much news that we had to talk about it. Live-action movies, Star Wars Movies, Marvel Movies, and oh yeah the Sony and Spider-Man take as well. The Fandom Podcast Begins now! Disney is definitely doubling down on the Live-Action movies for both their animated classics and the Amusement Rides Star Wars has sooo much news, The Mandalorian looks absolutely gorgeous, The sizzle reel for Episode…

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215. What’s Your Fandom? An Interview with Dante Basco

For the past three weekends we have been a different Fan Conventions and we capped off our whirlwind tour at the Paradigm High Fandom Expo. It was a great show that had a lot of passion for fandom. We got to talk to Dante Basco about his favorite fandoms and his role in fandom and then we talked to several of the students at Paradigm about what their favorite fandom is. This was really a fun event and they plan…

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Make Disney Great Again – Episode 188

New Star Wars TV Shows and information, Kathleen Kennedy Contract Extension, Russian Bots and Lady Gaga Fans weaponizing reviews, and look out Sweden, fate has chosen another ruler! And Nik has inside information on the new Power Rangers series! Its the News Roundup for the second week of October! News Sponsored by Nik, no Not That Nik Big News Star Wars Mandalorian, Kathleen Kennedy Contract Extension matches Bob Igers Retirement date, Under the Radar Titans trailer and season…

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Swipe Left for Picard – Episode 179

Patrick Stewart is returning to Star Trek as everyone’s favorite Frenchman with an English Accent, Jean-Luc Picard. We don’t know what his show will be about for sure, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating! In a shoe is on the other foot kind of story Disney is unable to get the rights to stream some Star Wars movies on their streaming service. Alex Trebek is possibly retiring in 2020 and we talk about how to choose a succesor. And…

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Padded Resume – SDCC News – Episode 177

Its kind of funny that so much of the news at a Comic Con is about the Trailers that came out.  We talk about many of them and give our opinions.  Streaming services are reviving old beloved franchises to get subscribers and DC has finally found the Saturate button. James Gunn-   Supersized news curdusy of SDCC News-Ryan Trailers– Shazam- Aquaman- Titans- Young Justice- Stargirl coming to DC universe-   Walking Dead- Doctor Who- Fantastic Beasts 2- Clone Wars- Clone wars…

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Spider-Man: HomeWrecker

You don’t want to miss this episode. Not only do we give away the Sexy Jeff Goldblum Funko Pop, Nik is in rare form. First he calls Star Wars a pair of socks, then he calls Spider-Man a Homewrecker, and then he makes fun of a long time Star Trek producer.  Okay, maybe we all made fun of a long time Star Trek producer. News Sponsored by Joseph Big Star wars stories put on hold Under the Radar…

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Netflix Saves!

Episode 172: Netflix makes a deal with the Devil, The Marvel / Fortnite connection, Weird Al Covers 77 songs, and Billy D. Williams reveals that he’s on a new Workout regiment, and fans think that means something… Big News: Netflix Saves Lucifer Under the Radar: Marvel Hires Fortnite Composer for Captain Marvel Fuzzy puppy: Weird Al Covers 77 Songs Wild card: Billy D Williams may be making an appearance in Episode IX   Sexy Jeff Goldblum…

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Sigh’s and Sai’s

Episode 155: What in the world are they doing to the Ninja Turtles!?!?  In the matter of minutes Nik and Jeff convince Branden to abandon his wait to hate mentality towards new things and be very concerned.  The weapons on every single Ninja Turtle have been changed, and Leo is no longer the leader… Do they even know who the Ninja Turtles are? Really we talk about that so that we don’t have to talk about Jeff dominating the FML…

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Jeff Explains the Joke

Episode 152: This is the News Roundup for the Last week of January 2018.  We have Big name stars in a commercial, Rick Grimes is narrating a Harry Potter Book, Marvel’s marketing is on point, DC’s marketing gets blasted, and is Disney abusing it’s market position? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out (or click on any of the links in the notes) News Retraction: Dundee is a superbowl thing – Wonder Woman 2 Now with Sexual Harassment…