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RFC: We Stand on Guard Review

In this Brian K. Vaughn book set roughly 100 years in the future, America and Canada are at war.  Both sides believe that they have the justified reason, but are they both right?  Unanimously we recommend reading this book.  It has a beginning, a middle and an end which is something that so many comics do not have, and whatever level you read it on it is enjoyable, there is a lot of great action, and there are a lot of…

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News: Vitruvian Superman

Episode 164: This week in our news roundup we decipher Marvel’s code to success, we talk about the proper way to wear underwear, the most unlikely comic variant covers you will ever find, Steven Spielberg’s tone in movies has completely changed, then changed again, and maybe its changing back, and here’s a conspiracy for you, James Cameron isn’t actually a human, he’s a Pot, and he also got in trouble for calling a kettle black.  And because of deals and…

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Any Reasonable Offer Considered

So this week Nik is gone, and so of course we talk about some of his favorite fandoms.  We talk about the new Bond movie, how Sherlock Fans are the worst, the fact that we’re finally getting a Nicholas Cage Superman movie, and how Disney is picking its next CEO from a real life Hunger games and what that means for the near monopolistic power that they wield (Who needs the Infinity Stones) Feedback Dommer vs Fandomite, vs Fandomaniacs… We…

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Justice League Edition

Meanwhile in the Halls of Justice… Justice League came out to mixed reviews this week, fittingly on the anniversary of the release of the Death of Superman comic.  We talk about what the mixed reviews and box office results mean for the future of the DCEU, some of our favorite character moments, and the apparent difference between men and women while directing Wonder Woman. Question of the Week Our question for you this week is what do you want for…

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The Ever Expanding Potterverse – Episode 59

JK Rowling can’t seem to help herself and over the years she has revealed more and more about the ever expanding potterverse. We discuss some of the bombshells that she has dropped, talk about some what if’s and at what point can you disregard what an author says about the work that they’ve done? At this point we are unlikely to get new information from the Harry Potter Universe until after Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts come out, because that…

Batman v Superman
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Batman is a Schemer – Batman V Superman

Batman v Superman – The age old debate There is a lot of hype right now about who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman due to a little motion picture that is about to come out called, well, Batman v Superman. So we decided to hash it out and come to a decision based off of real life comparisons. Is Superman overpowered, of course he is, but did you know that he has the power of “Super Ventriloquism?” You did…

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Galifreyan Facebook – Episode 41

We live in a Golden age of media and three TV Shows just wrapped up that we dive into. We go full spoiler mode and talk about Doctor Who (23:15), Jessica Jones (52:39) and The Walking Dead (1:19:02). We could have probably dedicated an entire episode to each show, but wanted to get our reviews out for you. We talk about where Doctor Who comes from and where he’s going and how do Timelords keep track of who is who,…

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35 – The World’s Largest Cult – Back to the Future

In 1985 Director Robert Zemeckis gave us a glimpse into our future in the classic movie Back to the Future II. We talk about our overall thoughts on the movie and some of the predictions that they made. What things did they get right and what things did they miss the mark on? The answers may actually surprise you, we found some little known innovations that go right along with Back to the Future. LAST WEEK FOR FUNCOMFORTABLE TICKET GIVEAWAYS…

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Episode 19 – Why Does DC Hate America?

Happy Fourth of July! Lots of movie news this week, but after that we decide to keep to a patriotic theme, and who could be more Patriotic than Captain America? We talk about some of the different incarnations of Captain America and whether the Mantle is bigger than just one man. We answer the age old question, “Why does DC hate America?” and share our favorite Geeky parts of the 4th. Stay Tuned!

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Kid Friendly ComicBook art

  For anyone who has listened to the Fandom Podcast for a while you know that I am all about my kids.  Everything that I do is ultimately centered around my family, and so when the first Salt Lake Comic Con came along I was really excited to share my fandoms with my children who were at the time four and two years old.  I very quickly realized that there was a lot of great stuff in Artist Alley, but…