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All Signs Point to the Robot Uprising

Artificial Intelligence or Robot Uprising? This week we have had a lot of news come out of the European Union but don’t worry we’re not going to talk about the Brexit today, our news story is about how in the EU they are discussing passing regulations that give Robots and AI’s people like rights, and while right now that seems a little ridiculous but considering how quickly things have progressed it may not be as ridiculous as it seems at first look….

6/8 Show Thoughts-Tetris and Time Lords

Hello all! As always, listen to the most recent episode before diving into this post. There is a lot to cover (I already have a feeling this will be pretty long, so I will try to condense it).  A big chunk will be talking a little bit more about Doctor Who and my theory, which will be great leading up to next week’s episode-hint hint. But for now, I’d actually like to start where we left off and talk about…