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Thor Ragnarok: It’d be boring if we all agreed

Nik, Jeff, and Branden have very different opinions about Thor Ragnarok, but overall Thor Ragnarok is a fun superhero movie that has some pacing issues, that it resolves eventually. It is a lot of fun to watch and has a lot of comic book easter egg’s for the die-hard fans. That doesn’t mean we don’t have questions though. Question 1: Where is the last Infinity Stone?  Branden made a guess nearly a year ago and was wrong. Question 3: Were…

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36 – Lethal Weapon Thor

Captain Tripps, children, and life has hit our rag tag team of Podcasters but that doesn’t stop us from putting out a new episode.  This week we give you an extra large portion of the News ranging from the newest eSports Champions to the Monopoly movie deal.  But we know why you all really downloaded the episode we announce our Funcomfortable Ticket contest winner and Surprise! There are 2 pairs of tickets to give away!