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209: Captain Marvel Review

We Liked this movie and we think you can too. It’s been a few weeks since the movie came out.  You’ve had time to watch it and we have some things to say.  First off if you were waiting for our opinion on this, you must be a new listener and so, Hi! Thanks for waiting, but really go see this movie 🙂 This movie has been very polarizing and for frankly stupid reasons.  Yes perspective does effect how you…

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Spider-Man N’waaar – Episode 175

We’ve already established that Nik doesn’t see color, but apparently he doesn’t see shades of gray either.  We have some Spider-Man Noir news that might make you go, “Wait. What?” Nik brings Batman to a Spider-Man fight, Legendary comic creator Steve Ditko has passed away.  Jeff and Branden test Nik’s casting ability with some uncanny results (Really he should be working for Disney even though the image turned out to be a hoax.) Gal Gadot’s latest actions should be mandatory…

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Justice League Edition

Meanwhile in the Halls of Justice… Justice League came out to mixed reviews this week, fittingly on the anniversary of the release of the Death of Superman comic.  We talk about what the mixed reviews and box office results mean for the future of the DCEU, some of our favorite character moments, and the apparent difference between men and women while directing Wonder Woman. Question of the Week Our question for you this week is what do you want for…

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Wonder Woman – Not All Shirtless Scenes are the same

It’s been a long time coming, but we bring on two real life Wonder Women (Amy Champion and Sara Glass) to talk to us about the new movie Wonder Woman.  We had a lot to say about it.  Some good, some bad, some…. okay it was mostly good. We talk about: Our Favorite Scenes Our Least Favorite Scenes The Steve Trevor Bath Scene Racial hits and misses And Much More! Be sure to subscribe to the show at or…

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Holy Two Part Episode Batman – Episode 120

This Episode ended up being our longest recording ever and so I’ve split it into two parts, the News and then the Wonder Woman discussion. I’m still working on some parts of the Wonder Woman discussion and so until I can get that published here is the news. Feedback Oops! I didn’t realize I didn’t finish my Little Mermaid cast! I couldn’t think of any young male actors (beyond Tom Holland) who could play Eric and hit send before finishing….

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The Little Mermaid Dream Cast w/ Kestra Darowski – Episode 118

This week on The Fandom Podcast we take the 1989 classic “The Little Mermaid” come up with some dream castings.  We bring on Kestra Darowski from the Disney Animated Minute Essential Podcast to judge us and you won’t believe who Groucho Marx is cast as! To jump right into Little Mermaid it starts at 42:32 In the News Doctor Who changed it’s episode after Manchester Terror Attack to be sensitive to those affected. (00:03:07) Wonder Woman women only screening… Men…

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Featuring Ryab – Episode 115

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 2 recently came out and we abducted the Uncanny Ryab from the Nerd Dome Podcast to discuss the movie with us, we didn’t even have to threaten to eat him. From the music to the character development, some crazy themes that were observed, NPR bashing it and of course the Family theme we talk about all sorts Guardians info. Also in true Guardians style we drop 5 stingers after the show, be sure…

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Fanfic: Attack of the Plot Bunnies – Episode 89

What is Fanfic?  Well Fanfic is shorthand for Fan Fiction and this week we bring on friend of the show and Fanfic author Sara Linn to talk to us about what it is, how to find it, and what some of the terminology means.  If you’ve ever been curious about what an AU, a shipwar or a an archive is then you need to listen to this episode. Common Places to find fanfic (in chronological order) fanzines, mailing lists &…

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Marvel Vs DC Showdown – Episode 84

The Ulitmate Marvel Vs DC Showdown! This week we put a random team of Marvel and DC Heroes against each other to see which publisher would win and in order to do that we brought on a special guest, Luke Hunsaker from the Nerd Dome Podcast.  Luke is the Podcaster Without Fear who’s secondary mutation is bringing all conversations back to Daredevil. Rules:In order to determine which of the big two comic houses is superior all four of us selected…

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Breaking Down SDCC 16

SDCC Breakdown The gang is back together to talk about the news from SDCC that we found interesting from Star Trek to Voltron, and a few tidbits from Marvel and DC.  Guess what though… Nik and  Jeff watched trailers while Branden advocated not watching trailers, welcome to the twilight zone. Star Trek Discovery – Justice League Trailer Will Aquaman be another Horror film from James Wan? Wonder Woman Captain Marvel Brie Larsen – Ghost Rider Hulk Gladiator Armor or is…