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Episode 11 – Mother’s Day Draft

Happy Mother’s Day! This episode is dedicated entirely to the Mothers in our lives, and we even get one of them to make an appearance! We cover really quickly some news from this week and then jump right into our Mother’s Day Draft. We each draft three of our favorite Mothers from across the Fandomverse onto our team and only you can decide who will win.

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Episode 8 – Whelmed

Its Trailer Park Tuesday. We discuss the trailers for Starwars Episode 7, Batman v Superman, Jurassic world, and Fantastic Four. It’s the third week of the month and so that means that we put someone on Trial and this month it comes from World of Warcraft. We are putting Thrall on trial for the murder of Garrosh Hellscream. After that we talk about the state of video games and the internet. Links Starwars Episode 7 Trailer 2 – BB8…