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Fantasy Fandom – Every Team Needs A Batman

Our Main Discussion You’ve probably heard of Fantasy Football, but have you ever heard of Fantasy Fandom? This week we pick our favorite characters from across the Fandomverse to put together on a team that could rival both the Justice League and the Avengers, and then ask who would be the villain and how cohesive would the teams really be? We both built two teams, but we really want to know who you would put on YOUR team. Remember, no…

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June 3rd Comicbook Review

Giant Size Little X-men #1 The kid Avengers and kid X-men start a street vendor war for the business of the rest of the Marvel kids.  Each time one upping each other until a fight ensues.  The fighting is broken up by the arrival of two new kids, twins in fact.  But whose side will the twins end up on?  Overall I am glad I started my week with this title.  It is written and drawn by Skottie Young.  The…

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Episode 11 – Mother’s Day Draft

Happy Mother’s Day! This episode is dedicated entirely to the Mothers in our lives, and we even get one of them to make an appearance! We cover really quickly some news from this week and then jump right into our Mother’s Day Draft. We each draft three of our favorite Mothers from across the Fandomverse onto our team and only you can decide who will win.

April 22nd Comicbooks review

Black Widow #17 Black Widow receives an offer from “Chaos” to join them.  When she refuses they do not take it well.  Will Natasha be found by friends before it is too late?  Overall I truly love this series.  Second only to Rocket Racoon as far as what Marvel has been putting out.