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University of Utah

Congratulations to the University of Utah and all they have accomplished recently. And a special congratulations to Athletic Director Dr Chris Hill. After some football coaching changes fans were calling for his job. But I think he has done an amazing job. He had a football team finish in the top 25, a top ranked, PAC12 Champions, gymnastics team, a basketball team in the Sweet 16, one of the top ski teams in the nation, and baseball is off to a great start. Thank you Dr Chris Hill


March Madness

Quick note on the March Madness tournament. Of the 11.57 million brackets filled out on ESPN, only 14 picked the Sweet 16 teams correctly.


Video Game Servers Shutting Down

From a business standpoint I completely understand it. Especially with sports video games that release a new version every year. They want fans buying the new version, and shutting down the online servers for the old version help ensures that. And once people are playing the new version there is no need for the old servers. Other game genres keep their servers up for long, but in my opinion I think that will change. I think this may become the new model once new versions are released.


Batgirl Variant Cover

Here is where I am going to get on my soap box. I was rather irate when I heard about this for a number of reasons. The first being that I get tired of, in the social media age, the vocal minority thinking that their opinion is more important than anyone elses. Secondly, and this made me the maddest, is people threatening violence to others on social media. Hiding behind a keyboard emboldens people to make statements that they normally would not make. It is disgraceful that Twitter’s policies allow people to threaten rape or worse with no repercussions. I wasn’t happy about the vocal minority being outspoken, but that is zero excuse to use social media to threaten someone’s life. When we allow these kinds of people to get results we only encourage this kind of behavior in others. If you didn’t like the cover then don’t buy it, don’t but the series, don’t buy from DC; but do not make a social media crusade to have the cover removed. You can send your comments to @NathanFandom of


Marvel Canceling 33 Titles

For a complete list of all 33 titles go to I am only going to share some thoughts on a few of them. Some of these stories will return, others will be completely ended. Deadpool we knew was coming to an end with Marvel announcing months ago the Death of Deadpool. All New Captain America and Thor, I believe, will not be back. Secret Origins will give us back a young Steve Rogers and a worthy Thor Son of Odin. Hulk is one I hope comes back different; I’m not a huge fan of Doc Green. Nightcrawler and Rocket Racoon are 2 that I hope are back with Claremont and Young, respectively, still making them magical. Others on tbe list that I get each month are All New Ghost Rider, Amazing X-men, Iron Fist (I think will end), Star-Lord (I think will stay). Some of these other titles, if they start over, might be added into my monthly rotation.


I hope that we don’t have anymore technical dificulties. This is way more work

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