That’s a Bad Birthday Gift

In the news this week: Lauren Cohan wants to be paid like a man, The Internet Freaks out, Disney reboots yet another property for its streaming service, and the Last Air Bender is coming to Blu ray, and Jeff gives Branden advice on buying birthday gifts for his wife.


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New Doctor who logo

Muppets reboot on streaming service

Lauren Cohan

Last air bender coming to Blu Ray

Feed Back

From William:

Gentlemen! For your consideration, some feedback!

@ESPN Ideas ep.

In Kindergarten I went until Open House (6 months or so) not correcting my teacher on the pronunciation of my last name.

@Wizard Mashups episode

Geoph (as requested this is your name’s spelling now) – There are quite a few Fanfiction stories that fix the issue you brought up. First years are sent to a basic Wizarding and Muggle knowledge combo class. The 1st half teaches what the laws are in the wizarding world and why they are in place, the 2nd part of the class teaches blending into muggle society. It better ensures the Statute of Secrecy and cuts down on the number of Obliviators doing obliviations.

NOOO!!!! Nik! You had one and didn’t even know it! Minerva! Minerva was the name of a Roman Goddess! She’s the Roman equivalent of Athena!

@Sigh and Sai episode

I sent a separate Black Panther email so I won’t include that in here.

You tell them Nik! Josie and the Pussycats was a great movie!


Here’s Mikey!

the new turtles look absolutely terrible. In the original Raph could use his sais to turn aside attacks while kicking or reverse the sai in his hand when he punched. Leonardo we could just pretend that he somehow never cut anyone (other than robots). But how in the 13 Treasures of Rule are we supposed to suspend disbelief enough to believe that Mikey’s maces of death aren’t going to seriously injure/kill someone?

@Better Than the Book ep

I will watch the first one or two teaser trailers for a movie and MAYBE the first full trailer, but then I stop if at all possible. Too many movies are putting out trailers that give away too much.

Better movie than book:

  • Lord of the Rings (all 3) – I couldn’t get past page 67 because they got lost in a living forest and I just couldn’t get any further forward.
  • Mighty Ducks 2 – It had a clearer ending. In the junior novelization it was unclear if Gunter went glove side or stick side. I love hockey and this is important to me.
  • Adventures of Robin Hood – Erroll Flynn, Disney cartoon, Kevin Costner, or Men in Tights. I liked all of them more than the book.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You – It’s an adaptation, but so are all other movies made of books. A fantastic movie for a book that I didn’t care about.
  • Easy A – It’s a re-imagining of the Scarlet Letter and I easily give this movie an “A”…Okay, yeah I can’t continue with a straight face. This probably doesn’t count.
  • Hunger Games and Catching Fire – The movies messed with a few of the details that needed to NOT be changed and added others that were terrible (Peeta’s camouflage in the river). Donald Sutherland as President Snow and Jennifer Lawrence were phenomenal though. And the movies were able to make the world come alive much more than the books. I didn’t bother with the last set of movies.
  • The Time Machine (1960) – This one is a little tougher. The book was superior to the 2002 movie, but I saw the 1960 movie long before I read the book and I think that made the difference. The movie allowed us to see the changes in the world rather than the author only having a few scant paragraphs or pages available. And in this case I think seeing the changes in the world made for a better impact.
  • Disney’s Three Musketeers – I watched Disney’s Three Musketeers, with Charlie Sheet, before I read the book, and it is now my definitive Musketeers. I know its wrong, but I can’t help it. Although the Hulu series was excellent too!

Ready Player One – The author might be working on the screenplay, but because Spielberg won’t include his works (his works DEFINE the 80s) and the inability of the studio to get other properties included are going to affect the movie a lot.

I miss the Legends of Fandom podcast.

Alright so I misspelled Jeff’s name enough. From now on its Jeff. I believe our names are important and that willingly or spitefully using an incorrect name, beyond something light hearted and brief, is one of the more cruel things people can do to each other.


Patrick S R Clark I thought Holes was better as a movie. It wasn’t a lot different, but it felt like it was pruned to the essentials.

John Irons Listening now, and agree with everything you said about LoTR. It’s almost like the movies are the distilled version of the story, and the books are the behind-the-scenes and deleted extras. A lot of stuff that’s not necessary, but kind of interesting if you already care about the story and characters.

It’s not a movie, but The Magicians tv series on SyFy is better than than the books. Don’t get me wrong, I think the books are really good, but the characters on screen are more likable. Also, no spoilers, but the nature of the story includes the possibility for variations, so it already explains away any differences between the books and the show.

Paul Walker No Country for Old Men was better as a film Mostly because of Javier Bardem

Matt Allbritton The one example that stands out for me is the Shawshank Redemption. Frank Darabont tied a couple of threads together that made for a much richer and more compelling story; primarily, condensing the warden characters into one real bastard, the change in what happens to Tommy Williams, and making Peter Stevens part of the warden’s embezzlement scam instead of something Andy did on his own before he went in. That way, the finale’s just so much more satisfying.

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Jef: Do you really think you have a chance against us Mr. Cowboy

Nik: Yippe-Kay-Yay *bleep*

Die Hard (1988)

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