The Ever Expanding Potterverse – Episode 59

JK Rowling can’t seem to help herself and over the years she has revealed more and more about the ever expanding potterverse. We discuss some of the bombshells that she has dropped, talk about some what if’s and at what point can you disregard what an author says about the work that they’ve done?

At this point we are unlikely to get new information from the Harry Potter Universe until after Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts come out, because that seems to be where Rowling is focusing her time.

Boy Wonder Trivia:

What is the name of the old man that Poe gets the map segment from in the beginning of Star Wars Episode 7?
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Top News

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The Ranger’s Apprentice is getting a live action movie
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If you have opinions on any of the bombshells that Rowling dropped we would love to hear them.

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