The First Law of Thermodynamics is…

Welcome to our Geeky Game Night.  The News episode had some technical difficulties and so we’re jumping straight into the games.  The rounds that we play in this episode are “Dinner and a Movie” where we mash up movie names with Foods, “Fake News” in which we explore vandalized Wikipedia entries, and “Avengers IMDB Wars” which is a version of three truths and a lie based off of the roles that Avengers have played previously.

We then Ask you guys to submit your best super power based Haikus (5-7-5) to the Fandomaniacs group.  Jeff said No, Nik Googled some, and Branden used:

My super power
would be Telekinisis
That would be so cool

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With that until next time:

May the Fandom Be With You.

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