The Snappening Broke the Internet – Ep 190

Are you a time traveler?  If you answered no then we have a surprise for you!  We need you to write us a Review of Next Week’s episode… today! You can comment on this post, send us a message, an email, or leave a REAL Facebook / Apple Podcasts review and we will read them and try to incorporate as much as possible into next week’s episode.  With that out of the way, Here is This weeks episode!

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Alright now that the news is wrapped up, if you enjoyed that conversation and want to hang out more you can join our Facebook group at  Or on the flip side if you disagree with us and want to duke it out, you can meet us at the flag pole in the Facebook group for a one on one fisticuffs… either way

And to get the notification about a surprise Funko Pop giveaway text Fandom to 31996.  And because it’s a secret that’s all I’m going to say here.

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