The World’s Best Magic Library – 52 Card Pickup

Are you listening closely?  This week we talk with Jeff Dumas about Magic in pop culture and some tips for the budding Magician.  Jeff reveals the location of the World’s Best Magic Library and of course we talk cover the top news.

Boy Wonder Trivia

Last Week’s Question: Which Century does Firefly take place during?

Answer: 2500’s – Correct Answer submitted by Nate


This week’s question is: Which character is Deadpool supposedly a parody of?

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Top News

  1. Deadpool is the Highest Grossing X-Men Movie Franchise Ever
    2. $235 million. The record was previously held by X-Men: The Last Stand, which made $234 million
  2. Stan Lee’s Last Canadian Apearance
  3. Young Justice coming back


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Amelia Thelin- Better off Ted and Sports Night (Jon Boyer)

Mark Dumas – not cancelled but indefinitely placed on hiatus–Luther and The Bridge. Two of my favorites.

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Magic in Pop Culture

Arrested Development
Modern Family
The Prestige
The Illusionist
The Great and Powefful Oz

The World’s Best Magic Library

M.A.P. (Magicians Against Piracy) – buying does not give right to expose learning through youtube

Jay Sanky – Creates his own tricks that only require one move

52 Kards – Cites all of his tricks, fairly exclusively card tricks

Scam School –  Card Tricks, Bar Bets and getting people to buy you drinks, fairly simple tricks

Fool Us – Penn and Teller on CW and Hulu. Magicians come on and try to fool Penn & Teller

Andy Field Magic – Card Tricks and Performances, Posts beginner tips, and simple tricks

Mismag822 – The Card Trick Teacher ( Not super active but has a back catalog.

Pete Holmes joke – Wouldn’t it suck to be a magician (From Conan Appearance)

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