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Episode 151:

This is your News update for the Third week of January 2018 and its official, Hollywood’s 80’s nostalgia reboot continues with properties that you’d forgotten.  The sexiest Funko Pop ever has been released and I do believe it has given Jeff the vapors, and its official, Paddington Bear 2 is the best reviewed movie on Rotten Tomatoes EVER but at least Nik didn’t get it for free in the FML.


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From Wendy:

So I downloaded all the old episodes from before I started listening to podcasts at all – yours was my very second one I listened to and my favorite!

I’m listening to the first episode that Nik was on and you guys are talking about paid networks and what you watch where. And you mention Doctor Who and that is why I’m writing….I live in Canada! There seems to be NO streaming service to watch Doctor Who anywhere

No real question or anything here… just a sad Doctor Who fan. My boyfriend also is the one who got me into Doctor Who and I’m way way way behind but can’t find season 4 almost anywhere to watch

Our Response: Crave.TV can stream, and you can find out any show by going to

From William:

  • @FandomCast I have the same lotto dream as Jeff. I want to be a @kickstarter funder who funds projects that wouldn’t make it.
  • @FandomCast Nik, @BrandSanderson made WoT so very much worse. To the point I’ll not read anything by him. We got recaps of what we read 2 chapters ago!

Our Response: Everyone is entitled to their own wrong opinion 😉

News – Joe

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