Trivia Time Warp

It’s Game Time!

This week we are playing not one, not two, but three different types of Fandom Games starting with a Trivia Time Warp.  Will Jeff defend his title of Trivia Master (Okay I just made that up), will Nik upset the standings, or has Branden just rigged the game with questions that no person could possibly know?  (I’m looking at you Wonderman Question)  If you have any game suggestions for Fandom Games that we can play, or if you think you have a game that we can adapt to an audio only format, please let us know.

Round 1 – Trivia Timewarp

2 Questions from Each Decade – Work our way up through the decades.  If the first contender gets the question wrong then their opponent has a chance to steal.  The player that is not awarded any points gets to go first on the next question.

Round 2 – Word Association

Points are awarded if any of the below happen:

  • They take more than three seconds to make a connection.
  • They repeat a word that has already been said in this game.
  • They are challenged and loses the vote.


  • Hades
  • Hercules
  • Hero
  • Spiderman
  • Marvel
  • Batman

Another challenge: a player protests by pointing out that Batman is not a Marvel superhero. Pop culture justice is done, and the vote goes against the player. That player is eliminated, and a new round starts with the next player in order.

Psychology of Word Association

Famous psychologist Carl Jung speculated that how somebody responds in a word association exercise might reveal something about their character.

The connections of ideas, feelings, memories and knowledge in somebody’s brain all influence the word associations that occur to them. So, the questions is, why would one person’s first thought when they hear the word “cat” be “companion,” and another person’s as “claw.” Does that indicate a difference in a person’s feelings or experiences with cats?

Round 3 – This or That

We have a list of Character from two different fandoms.  You have to tell us which one it is from, or even if it’s from both.  You can not steal these questions.

Tally Score and Crown Winner

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