The Unimpressive Iron Fist – Episode 112

Danny Rand is your stereotypical orphaned billionaire that gains super ninja powers and it doesn’t get much better from there.  What should have been an awesome Kung Fu homage was turned into a meandering attempt at a corporate thriller.  There was just enough martial arts to keep us watching but just barely.  Listen to an Asian American, a Martial Artist, and an Angry Nerd give their takes on Netflix’s latest Marvel collaboration.

In the News

Whovians and Potterheads can rejoice! Jude Law has been cast as Young Dumbledore

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Confirmed … oops… maybe… what the heck it’s James Gunn

This just in Josh Brolin has been cast to play Cable in 4 movies in addition to being Thanos in the MCU… this isn’t going to get confusing…

Star Wars Episode 8 Trailer and Poster have come out and Sara Glass quickly chimed in with some thoughts about the poster and we avoid the trailer because Nik thinks that he’s going to make it to December without being spoiled…. 8 months and counting.

Doctor Who is Back… watch it… that is all…

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