Video Game Battle Royale

Since E3 just wrapped up we thought that we would go through and pit some of our favorite games in head to head single elimination video game battle royale.  Nine games will enter, but only one will leave.  Each Game’s Champion will take just a minute to explain why the game should win and then the Host that is not participating will act as a judge to determine which game is better and assign a number 1-20.  At that point Fate steps in and the underdog gets a chance to roll a D20 dice and if they can out roll the assigned number then the underdog takes the victory and advances on to the next round.  After 8 rounds we will have our victor.

Boy Wonder Trivia

Last Week:  Who sings the song, “We Won’t Be Fooled again!”

Katherine Dumas wrote in via email to with: The Who sings “We won’t get fooled again”  Technically Pete Townsend.

This Week: What classic game is the music that we played during BoyWonder trivia from?

Top News:

Anton Yelchin Passes away in a car accident

Stargate Movie Reboot (ignoring TV)

TWD Filmed Death Scenes for all 11 of Negan’s Potential Victims

No DVR on XB1

Game Draft

Jeff 1:Minecraft

Nik 1: Batman Arkham

Branden 1: Zelda

Jeff 2: Injustice Gods among

Nik 2: Pokemon

Branden 2: Angry Birds

Jeff 3: Call of Duty

Nik 3: Final Fantasy Franchise

Branden 3: Overwatch

Video Game Battle Royale Results

  • Nik 1 v Branden 1 (Jeff Judge) – Zelda
  • Angry Birds v Injustice (Nik Judge) – Injustice
  • Final Fantasy v Minecraft (Branden Judge) – Minecraft
  • Overwatch v Call of Duty  (Nik Judge) – Overwatch
  • Zelda v Pokemon (Jeff Judge) – Pokemon
  • Minecraft v Overwatch – (Nik Judge) – Minecraft
  • Pokemon v Injustice –  (Branden Judge) – Pokemon
  • Pokemon v Minecraft –  (Branden Judge) – Pokemon



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