What Does the Fox Say? You’re Cancelled!

We sent Jeff off to Look for Nik, and now Nik has returned but Jeff is gone… We should have thought this out. In the News Roundup, this Week Nik and Branden finally figure out what the Fox says, “You’re Canceled!” They talk about the current Wrestling Revival, Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure,  Comic Book collecting and speculation, and how Branden isn’t very good at playing the Fandom Movie League.

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  1. Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel is in the works, or something like it. https://io9.gizmodo.com/kevin-feige-says-the-mcu-has-plans-for-kamala-khans-m-1825981826
    1. This is the Comic App Nik Mentioned, https://www.keycollectorcomics.com/
  2. Avengers Infinity War at #1 for third Week https://apnews.com/97dc3553d8f14cc5b91d864efd18237c
  3. Bill & Ted confirmed for a revival https://geektyrant.com/news/bill-ted-face-the-music-co-writer-reveals-new-story-details-character-info-and-maintaining-the-sweetnes
  4. Brooklyn 99 Cancelled and then Renewed on Different Network / Lucifer / Last Man Standing / The Expanse on SyFy
    1. Nik’s Example of “Sci-Fi” Wrestling, The Shock Master https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fahljd_0xjA



From the Fandomaniacs Group on Facebook:

Troy Wood I also think that there was so much hype and anticipation for this movie that in some subconscious level you were always going to be disappointed by it Or That no matter what they put on screen the movie could never live up to the movie you thought in your head it was going to be. But like John these are also just theories.

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