Where did the Doll hurt you? Ep 196

The thing that we want to know this week, what are some times that Directors have flat out LIED to the audience?  We’re looking at you Abrams, Russo, and others!  Also  be sure to stay to the end to hear about our TWO giveaways! Wow, I really just used two exclamation points in two consecutive sentences…. I must be excited about this episode!  May the Fandom Be With you!


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Jeff has a giveaway thing.  It’s an Autograph from Kevin Porter who played in the Ninjak Vs the Valiant Universe also Lazer from Dodge Ball, Not to be confused with Blazer.  He also played Batman in Bat in the Sun… check out Batman Vs Darth Vader

Guys, lets talk a little bit about Patreon.  It’s still there and as a reminder we have a Patreon Exclusive giveaway.

It is the time of year that we are entering the Holiday Season and so I would like to remind you to start your amazon shopping by going to FandomPodcast.com/Amazon

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