Wizard Mashups: Puns are Never Consensual

Come see us at Wizarding Dayz!

Wizarding Dayz is coming up and to get ready we are spending our game week playing Wizard games, from Magical Mashups where you combine a magical show with a non magical show, Magic 101 where we create a fun class for a Wizarding School, and we play a game of Magic or Technology. Of course to keep things interesting we play the Fandom ABC’s and also do some good old fashion trivia questions.

Magical Mashups

In this game I will give you a description of a mashed up TV show, movie, comic, book, etc.  One of the properties in the mashup predominantly features magic and the other doesn’t. It may be a character mashups or titles mashed up

  • This wizard is played by Ian Mckellan and notably he fights a pack of wolves after his plane crashes in a snowstorm
  • In this 70’s sitcom Daniel Radcliffe returns to teach to at Hogwarts and gets the lovable but unruly class of wisecracking underachievers
  • Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson wrote this epic series set in the Westlands of Galifrey
  • This movie is about a socially awkward teen that films nearly everything around him. his friends begin manifesting super powers after they walk through a magic wardrobe
  • This Reality Movie stars a future President as he must find and train Merlin’s descendant from a group of contestants to defeat dark sorceress Morgana la Fée. You don’t want to be fired on this show.
  • In this Aaron Spelling show Alex Russo and her brothers Justin and Max have grown up and left The family business of Waverly Sub Station to travel to California where the beautiful people are and live in an apartment complex with other young people where drama ensues.
  • This daytime show features weight loss pills for munchkins and the titular character got his start on the oprah the good witch’s show


Magic 101

Every school has extracurricular and Nik and Jeff go head to head to come up with the best non required class in a wizarding school.

Nik’s Class

Directing an Animal Choir – Teaching Animals to sing in a choir like in Meet the Robinsons

Jeff’s Class

Blending in – Proper ways to live in the muggle world without magic

Technology or Magic

Arthur C Clarke’s third rule is Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. in this game I am going to describe an effect from either a magic spell from Dungeons and Dragons, or a Star Trek Invention and you have to tell me which one this is from

Fandom ABC’s

In this game we are going to go through the ABC’s using words from Fandom.  When teaching any good geekling you make sure they know what letters are associated with what fandoms. We’re going to go through the alphabet and find fandoms for each letter. Points will be awarded for thinking quickly on your feet and coming up with a word for your letter based on the previous Fandom. For example if I said B is for Batman, and Nik said C is for Catwoman he would get a point.

Good old fashioned Trivia

In the Wizard of Oz What did they use to color the Horses in the Emerald City?

  • A- Hair Dye
  • B- Jello
  • C- Kool Aid
  • D- Pudding

In Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory who was the first child to find the golden ticket?

  • A- Charlie
  • B- Violet
  • C- Augustus Gloop
  • D- Joseph

How many times did Chris Evans decline the role of Captain America before he accepted?

  • A- 5
  • B- 2
  • C- 0
  • D- 4

Celebrities are often known for their strange requests.  What strange Request did Norman Reedus have on the set of the Walking Dead

  • A- That his necklace was made of parts from real human bodies
  • B- That all of his bottled water consisted of Evian water in Dasani Bottles
  • C- That they keep Andrew Lincoln’s Beard Shavings for him
  • D- That they photograph every zombie that he kills on the show for a scrap book

Why did Anthony Hopkins decide to take the Role of Odin in the First Thor Movie?

  • A- Because he was a huge fan of the Thor Comics
  • B- Because he was intrigued by the Father Son relationship
  • C- Because he was making a ton of money
  • D- Because his grandchildren wanted him to be in a Super Hero Movie?

Stan Lee always wanted to play Odin but he was happy when Sir Anthony Hopkins was cast


We will be at Wizarding Dayz February 23rd & 24th

Wasatch Con

Random Fandom! This month we are talking about the book Artemis by Andy Weir

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