Xanderbots, Rollout! Episode 116

This is another Kid Interview episode.  In this episode I interview my 5-year-old about one of his favorite shows, “Rescue Bots” and we talk about the connection to the Transformers cartoon and toys from my childhood.  We talk about the amazing engineering feat that is the new transformer toys and how easy they are.  He tells me that his favorite character is the one with all of the gadgets (If there wasn’t proof that he is my son there is now) and we even find some nuggets of wisdom that Rescue Bots has been able to bestow upon my son.

Our next episode we will be back to our normal Fandomverse discussion, but if you need some non-child discussion about Fandom, head over to http://LegendsOfFandom.com/Subscribe and listen to the latest episode of Legends of Fandom where Branden talks about Maui.

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And until Next Time: May the Fandom Be With You!

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