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Fandom is Back! (In March)

You may have noticed that we haven’t been around for a little bit, well the wait is almost over.  Starting in March we will have new episodes where we take multi episode deep dives into the Fandoms that you love.  We will be having summaries, histories, chronologies, and all sorts of other -ies and so if there is any fandom you would like us to cover reach out to us using

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253. Under Rated Movies

Conisder Yourself Challenged!  Recently I was challenged to name make a list of movies that I thought was under rated by Kenny Smith from the audio narrative podcast Super Dirt… and well I’m terrible at challenges, but the challenge was to post 10 movies that I consider to be underrated with No explanation.  Well I’m a podcaster and so I can’t ever do anything like that with NO explanation or without including at least one cohost and so we’re going…

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252. Comics Place in Protests

Welcome to Fandom a celebration of Pop Culture and Pop Art. It’s been a while since we posted an episode and everything that we’ve recorded prior is available to watch on our Facebook Page but in light of all of the things going on in the world right now it didn’t seem appropriate to talk about Pets from Across the fandomverse. This episode is a little different in that I talk about some comics that are used when taking stances…

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251. Why not Fandom? The Random Dude Josh

Sometimes Fandoms are a part of your life from the time you are young and sometimes you connect with something when you are older.  The Random Dude Josh from the Undercover Capes Podcast Network has a little bit of everything in his Fandom 5, but my favorite thing that he said with one of his Fandoms was that one day he just said, “Why Not.”  When considering trying a fandom, make sure to just give it a shot. If you…

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Fandom is about liking things – Kaitlyn Booth – Fandom 5

Fandoms are about the things that you like, and in this Fandom 5, Kaitlyn Booth and I talk about the positive side of the Star Wars Fandom, what its like to get into the Marvel Fandom, writing Fanfiction about one of her favorite movies, a video game franchise that is remaking a classic without angering fans, and her personal horde.   You can find more of Kaitlyn at where she is the Editor in Chief or on her Twitter @katiesmovies. …

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249. Fandom 5: Family and Morals – JM Bell

Join us as we talk about JM Bell from the World’s Greatest Podcast Network and about his Fandom 5.  Five fandoms that have positively influenced his life. We talk about the themes of Family, Found Family, Morals, and talk about how its a great time to be a geek. If you would like your fandom 5 to be featured send an email to May the Fandom Be With you!

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248. All the Star Things – Branden’s Fandom 5

Guys, we recorded an episode live.  We’re still figuring this out, but Nik and Tayler turn the tables on Branden and ask him about his Fandom 5.  We get a little distracted along the way but we narrate MOST of our visual bits.  Join us as we talk about Star Trek Star Wars Stargate  Doctor Who and Fandoms in General If you want to talk about your Fandom 5 reach out and we will get it done!

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247. Picard Season 1 Wrap UP

The Fortress of Comictude, the Nerd Dome Podcast and the Fandom Podcast join forces to talk about the first season of Star Trek Picard.  What we liked, what we didn’t and who was our favorite.  Live Long and Prosper

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246. The Uncanny Ryab – Fandom 5

Join us as we talk to the Uncanny Ryab from the Nerd Dome Podcast about his Fandom 5. Star Wars Star Trek X-Men Fantasy Books Video Games We have discussions about world’s vs characters, about watching what you like because you like it, about how Fandoms can shape your life, and the importance of representation in fandom. If you need anything during this difficult time reach out to us and let us know.

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Bonus: Causality Shift – Welcome to the Hawking

Has it been crazy for you? It’s been crazy for me.  Enjoy this episode of a project that I’ve been working on and had to put on hold based on time constraints.  Do you like it?  Should we keep going and add a few new crew members?   Enjoy Causality Shift Episode 1: Welcome to the Hawking